Future Coins: Referral Commissions
And Compensation Plans?

There is no question that fiat currencies are going to take a backseat to cryptocurrencies. Each passing day this is becoming more and more real. The question is.. are you going to embrace this - and possibly profit at the same time?

FutureCoin.info is dedicated to all cryptocurrencies that I like and plan to promote, basically. Just because these coins get listed, or mentioned, here.. it doesn't mean that I am saying they are the best cryptocurrencies out there. It simply means that these are the ones that I, myself, am interested in.

It is we, the people, who ultimely are the decision-makers of which of these cryptocoins will become a success of a failure. We can make or break a coin simpy from the image that we give to it, as a whole.

Yes - I totally believe that those coins out there without a good referral structure or some type of plan to compensate the people for using and sharing the coin.. these coins won't make the cut.


PhilCoin - PhilCoin incorporates the (best/ most popular) features of DPOS based cryptocurrencies together with the advantages of SegWit technology and Lightning Network capabilities. This program has both a referral commission attached and an optional matrix to join into, as well as mining (Cash Generating Machine).

FuturoCoin - The FuturoCoin will be accepted in lots of places and the company, FutureNet, has many platforms where you can use the coin, as well. Great opportunity to buy coins cheap, mine the coins, even enter into the matrix or the revenue share program, FutureAdPro. FuturoCoin Fan Page

AdsCash - AdsCash is a multifunctional, next-generation cryptocurrency form developed on Ethereum blockchain, using cutting edge smart contract technology. AdsCash will be the first stable digital currency exclusively designed and marketed towards the Advertising Industry to pay for product and services with zero chargebacks and freedom from dealing traditional financial institutions.

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